Full Lending Cycle

We provide all activities needed for “Full Lending Management & Service Cycle”. Bank actions might be minimized only by bank’s internal scoring check (if needed) and product/service disbursement.

Merchants Partnership

We acquire retail merchants of any size, segment or business activity chanel – on/offline- for program partnership and establish long-term cooperation based on merchants’ needs, goals and strategy.

Bank Products Delivery

We deliver all banking products required sophisticated operational resources. Our web-logostic solutions makes possible an instant product delivery, client full documentation completion and documents delivery to the bank.

Resources Cut Off

Our solutions cover most of bank functions required to manage and control products sale process. By delivering those functions we significantly minimize bank recourses.

Risk Diminishing

We provide products based on qualified leads allocated on/offline from appropriate consumer segments where fraud and bad debts risk are diminished.

Faster Operations

Our complex web-logistic solution shortens time period needed for the “full lending cycle” implementation by one business day. Our off/online service components carry out this activity 24/7.

Innovative Scoring

Вased on consumer behavior innovative algorithms we provide a solution for borrower’s instant creditworthiness check which includes not only traditional Credit Bureau report but also real time fraud detection based on artificial intelligence

Client Identification

Based on our complex web-logistic solutions we provide mobile clients identification at any point of sales or clients’ location.

Branchless Model

Our solutions advantages make possible for financial institutions with no branches and low sales resources to implement sales strategy and to achieve preset goals.

Payment Cards

We develop and provide programs to increase bank payment card utilization and average purchase amount. Our multichannel solutions based on discount and reward platforms are designed for all social groups and segments – mass affluent, premium etc.

Loyalty Programs

We provide loyalty program solutions based on consumer behavior analysis, client usability, program  rewards value and product demand.  It strengthens the position of the company in the market, maintain and increase company’s client base, and help you to achieve profitability targets.

Bank New Products

After initial analysis of financial institution needs, market trends and consumer behavior we design, develop and implement an appropriate client oriented product based on our company web-logistic solutions.