Misha is the Founder and CEO of Inter Loyalty Management.

Business Development and Marketing Execuitve with extensive experience in global and emerging markets along with consistent success in consumer finance projects and loyalty program development.

Based on established  key partnership with International Payment Systems (Visa/MasterCards), banks, retail merchants and IT companies Misha designed and lead  the “The Coupon Book” program operations – Visa payment cards stimulating program aimed to cover Ukrainian mass affluent cardholders segment (the major cardholder segment in Ukraine). During program active period (2011 – 2014) more than 20 large Ukrainian banks and 38 retail merchants companies participated in the program.

Prior to founding of ILM, as a key personnel Misha particiapted in several loyalty programs launches in Ukraine (MAXI Card, Mony Port etc).  Also, Misha worked for LowerMyBills.com, where he was involved into customer value development and implementation process. Aslso he worked for Macy’s Inc. (USA) where he was engaged into direct implementation and promotion of Macy’s Rewards, the company’s loyalty program. He also served at a leading marketing position at Directory M (USA), where he was responsible for data base analysis and integration using innovative CRM technologies and managed client relationship with such institutions as The Fast Company, Kiplinger’s Co., PCWorld, Bizjournals Inc.

Misha holds Diploma in Economics and Business Administration from Northeastern University (Boston, USA) and Diploma in Law  from International Solomon University (Kiev, Ukraine).